Kefalonia Island

This region of northern Kefalonia could justify its existence solely on the fact that it is a geographical placeholder for magnificent Myrtos Beach. However, history and nature endowed Pylaros with so much more, making this an extraordinary part of the island of contrasts.

Pylaros, the birthplace of significant modern day heroes, spans the area between Myrtos Bay in the west and the shores of Aghia Efimia on the east. Snuggled in the valley bordered by two mountains – Aghia Dynati and Kalon Oros – this region offers many contrasts and surprises. Its defiant beauty alternates between total ruggedness and green lushness. Calm, clear waters on one side coexist with an untamed carousel of open sea colours on the other. In its charming and traditional villages the pace slows down for a relaxing timeout at one of the coffee houses reminiscent of days bygone. Mountains, covered by distinctive Mediterranean flora and habitat to rare birds, have been incorporated into the European network of natural conservatories (NATURA).

The eastern shore looks on to Ithaca with a sea level view from Aghia Efimia or from a more arrogant perspective – the grounds of Themata Monastery perched on a summit of Mt. Aghia Dynati. The western shore gazes out to the open sea where the playful, vivid and ever changing colours of Myrtos Bay fade into the horizon.

The inland, despite the competition from the two shorelines, claims its own share of the glory in the seduction of the visitor. The villages of Drakopoulata, Antypata, Makriotika, and Dendrinata are impressive for their natural beauty as well as for maintaining the traditions of Pylaros.


Useful Phone Numbers

ESO: 210-3271300, 26710-22248
Hall Kefalonia: 26710-22488
Police Kefalonia: 26710-22200
Tourist Police Kefalonia: 26710-22815
Airport: 26710-41511
Olympic Airlines-Flights: 210-9666666

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Kefalonia Island

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